State CEU Information

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Renewal Requirements:

Sixty [60] Professional Development Activity points [PDAs] or Continuing Education Units [CEUs] are required every four [4] years. Starting Jan. 1st of 2016; twenty-six [26] of these must be in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine [AOM] &/or western medical and biological courses [BIO]. Two [2] of them must be in Safety. Two [2] of them must be in Ethics. CPR Certification is required but no PDA points are credited for it. The remaining thirty [30] credits can be in Professional Enhancement areas or be more AOM/BIO courses.

For more information about renewal of NCCAOM certificates click HERE!

State  Acupuncture License Renewal Information and Continuing Education [CEU] Requirements:

*It is the sold responsibility of the practitioner to ensure these courses meet the guidelines for their states CEU requirements.

Alabama Acupuncture CEU Information

Alaska Acupuncture CEU Information

Arizona Acupuncture CEU Information

Arkansas Acupuncture CEU Information

California Acupuncture CEU Information

Colorado Acupuncture CEU Information

Connecticut Acupuncture CEU Information

Delaware Acupuncture CEU Information

District of Columbia Acupuncture CEU Information

Florida Acupuncture CEU Information

Georgia Acupuncture CEU Information

Hawaii Acupuncture CEU Information

Idaho Acupuncture CEU Information

Illinois Acupuncture CEU Information

Indiana Acupuncture CEU Information

Iowa Acupuncture CEU Information

Kansas: There is no practice act for acupuncturists in Kansas.

Kentucky Acupuncture CEU Information

Louisiana Acupuncture CEU Information

Maine Acupuncture CEU Information

Maryland Acupuncture CEU Information

Massachusetts Acupuncture CEU Information

Michigan Acupuncture CEU Information

Minnesota Acupuncture CEU Information

Mississippi Acupuncture CEU Information

Missouri Acupuncture CEU Information

Montana Acupuncture CEU Information

Nebraska Acupuncture CEU Information

Nevada Acupuncture CEU Information

New Hampshire Acupuncture CEU Information

New Jersey Acupuncture CEU Information

New Mexico Acupuncture CEU Information

New York Acupuncture CEU Information

North Carolina Acupuncture CEU Information

North Dakota:  There is no practice act for acupuncturists in North Dakota.

Ohio Acupuncture CEU Information

Oklahoma:  There is no practice act for acupuncturists in Oklahoma.

Oregon Acupuncture CEU Information

Pennsylvania Acupuncture CEU Information

Rhode Island Acupuncture CEU Information

South Carolina Acupuncture CEU Information

South Dakota:  There is no practice act for acupuncturists in South Dakota.

Tennessee Acupuncture CEU Information

Texas Acupuncture CEU Information

Utah Acupuncture CEU Information

Vermont Acupuncture CEU Information

Virginia Acupuncture CEU Information

Washington Acupuncture CEU Information

West Virginia Acupuncture CEU Information

Wisconsin Acupuncture CEU Information

Wyoming:  There is no practice act for acupuncturists in Wyoming.


Massage Therapy License Renewal Information and Continuing Education [CE] Requirements:

*It is the sold responsibility of the practitioner to ensure these courses meet the guidelines for their states CE requirements.

Alabama Massage CE Information

Alaska Massage CE Information

Arizona Massage CE Information

Arkansas Massage CE Information

California Massage CE Information

Colorado Massage CE Information

Connecticut Massage CE Information

Delaware Massage CE Information

District of Columbia Massage CE Information

Florida Massage CE Information

Georgia Massage CE Information

Hawaii Massage CE Information

Idaho Massage CE Information

Iowa Massage CE Information

Kansas has no state wide regulations for massage.

Kentucky Massage CE Information

Louisiana Massage CE Information

Maine Massage CE Information

Maryland Massage CE Information

Massachusetts Massage CE Information

Michigan Massage CE Information

Mississippi Massage CE Information

Missouri Massage CE Information

Montana Massage CE Information

Nebraska Massage CE Information

Nevada Massage CE Information

New Hampshire Massage CE Information

New Jersey Massage CE Information

New Mexico Massage CE Information

New York Massage CE Information

North Dakota Massage CE Information

Ohio Massage CE Information

Oklahoma has no state wide regulation for massage.

Oregon Massage CE Information

Pennsylvania Massage CE Information

Rhode Island Massage CE Information

South Carolina Massage CE Information

South Dakota Massage CE Information

Tennessee Massage CE Information

Texas Massage CE Information

Utah Massage CE Information

Virginia Massage CE Information

Vermont has no state wide regulation for massage.

Washington Massage CE Information

West Virginia Massage CE Information

Wisconsin Massage CE Information

Wyoming has no state wide regulation for massage.



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