Massage CEs North Carolina

Massage CEs North Carolina

Waynesville Wellness has some great Massage CEs [CEUs] coming up in North Carolina soon. We have classes all over the state including Waynesville, Asheville, Charlotte, Cornelius, and Raleigh. All of these courses are NCBTMB approved!

Just in March we have the following Massage CE classes:

Living Body: Palpatory Anatomy & Chinese Medicine 7 or 14 CEs – Cornelius, NC – March 10th & 11th: This course will review the major musculoskeletal anatomy of the body with a focus on palpating each structure as we cover it. We will also discuss the Chinese medicine connections between each muscle / structure and the channel system of Acupuncture/Acupressure.

Tai Chi Body Mechanics for Bodywork 6 CEs – Raleigh, NC – March 24th: This course will cover the basic principles of Tai Chi and how these can be directly applied to the practice of bodywork / massage. This is not your typical Tai Chi class and we will spend the vast majority of the time working on people on tables to learn how to apply these ideas.

Bodywork Lotion Making 4 CEs – Raleigh, NC – March 25th: This course will teach you the process of making massage lotions, salves, butters and creams from scratch. We will discuss what different ingredients do to the final products workability, glide, and absorption as well as relevant ratios for each type of ingredient. This class will enable you to affordably make your own quality lotions without any harmful chemicals or ingredients.

Gua Sha: Scraping for Wind 3 CEs – Raleigh, NC – March 25th: This class will teach you the basic theory and practice of Gua Sha an ancient form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. We will cover the appropriate times and conditions to use Gua Sha as well as the relevant research on it and similar techniques.


I have classes in North Carolina almost every single month!

EARLY REGISTRATION ends one month before the course date.

*It is the sole responsibility of the practitioner to ensure these courses meet the guidelines for their states CE requirements.


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Private CEU Courses

Private CEU courses available; minimum of 6 registrants. If you know of a group of interested Acupuncturists/Massage Therapists and would like to schedule a private course please email Nate at or call (828) 283 - 0268.

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be given for any live course if the request to receive a refund is made more than 30 days prior to the course date.

No Refunds will be given for online courses.

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